Prizmo Go, Glass Tilt Shift, Honeydue, and other apps to check out this weekend

This week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup includes an app for capturing printed text, a simple image editor, and a budget manager for couples. And as always, we have two new games for you to check out this weekend.

Prizmo Go

Prizmo Go gives you instant text capture at your fingertips. Just find text, aim your phone at it, and shoot! After the text is recognized, the app allows you to interact with it in many ways. You can highlight it, copy/paste it into other apps—even on your Mac, or have the app read it out loud. Other features include 3D Touch support, iPad multitasking support, and an Action Extension. Prizmo Go is available for free (with some IAPs).

Glass Tilt Shift

Say hello to Glass, the first true tilt shift app. Glass doesn’t just blur the edges but uses a complex algorithm to accurately simulate a real glass lens. It’s super easy to use. Just drag one finger across your image to manipulate the tilt, two fingers for the shift. It’s easy to use, but produces expert results, with tons of presets to help your images look their best. Glass Tilt Shift is available for $2.99.


Honeydue is marketed as “the best personal finance app for couples.” It allows you to track your bills, bank account balances, and spending. You can set reminders to pay your bills, categorize and organize your spending, and get a clear snapshot of your finances at a glance. The app features support for over 10,000 banks and has bank-level security. There are tons of budget apps in the App Store already, but the couples angle makes this one interesting. Honeydue is available for free.

Battle Bay

Battle Bay is a real-time multiplayer battle arena from the makers of Angry Birds. Players must choose a ship, slap some guns on it and take to the waves with fleets of teammates to trounce live opponents in five-on-five PvP contests of seafaring strategy and firepower. You’ll collect cannons, torpedoes, grenades and other items and abilities, and use them to help keep your team afloat. There’s guilds, quests, achievements and tournaments—everything you’d want in a big game like this. Unfortunately, there’s also a ton of IAPs. Battle Bay is available for free.


Rvlvr. invites you to participate on a whimsical journey of thousands of puzzles. The graphics are beautiful, the soundtrack is quirky, the sound effects are smile-inducing, and the controls are intuitive. All of these things combine to make an addictive game that will keep you engaged for days on end with a clever rotating mechanic and progressive difficulty system. Other features include Game Center Leaderboard, over 15K puzzles, social sharing and more. Rvlvr. is available for free.

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