iDB app v1.4: a new cache clearing feature and minor fixes under the hood

It’s not because today is a holiday in the US that the hard working people of the App Review team are resting on their laurels. As a matter of fact, they were busy reviewing version 1.4 of the iDB app today, which they just approved following our submission a couple of days ago.

For those curious to find out what’s new and what’s been fixed, read on for the full changelog.

New in version 1.4

Cache clearing: If you’re an avid iDB reader (let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you definitely are!), the app has probably built up a large cache of images over the months. We have added a cache clearing feature in the app’s settings that allows you to flush all that and regain precious storage space of your device in a jiffy.

Subscription renewal: The monthly and annual subscriptions are now set to automatically renew every month or year, unless you cancel this from Settings > iTunes & App Store. Note that if you subscribed before today, your subscription will not renew automatically and will expire at the end of the month or year. By the way, if you’re wondering how to support iDB, the best way is to get a monthly subscription.

Fixed in version 1.4

Link redirect bug: A strange bug sneaked in a while ago, allowing itself to redirect links to iDB posts within an article to the latest post published on the site. So you might have thought you were tapping on a link to go to a specific post, but no matter what, you were automatically redirected to the newest post on iDB. Weird, right? This was a strange behavior that our awesome iOS developer (hello Tamara) was able to identify and take care of.

Other stuff: We’ve also performed the typical “bug fixes and stability improvements” that you will most likely not notice. If you do notice, then congratulations, please walk to the front office to collect your cookie.

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You can download the iDB app for free from the App Store.