Facebook unveils group payments via Messenger for desktop

Facebook announced this morning that sending or receiving money between groups of people is now supported on the Messenger service. The social networking company debuted peer-to-peer payments on Messenger in March 2015. The new group payments feature, currently limited to users in the United States, is available starting today on Messenger for Android and via the company’s desktop app at messenger.com. Group mobile payments will be coming to Messenger for iPhone and iPad at a later stage.

“Whether you’re splitting a restaurant bill or chipping in for a group gift, all you need to do is go to a new or existing Messenger group conversation to get started,” Facebook wrote. Here’s a video walkthrough of group mobile payments via Messenger.

In a group conversation, hit the plus sign to get started, then tap the payments icon.

Now choose who to send or request money from and select one or more group members. After entering the amount you want to request per person (or the total sum to divide evenly) and choosing if you’d like to be included in the calculation or not, tap Request and you’re done.

“To make it super simple to keep track of everything, a message will appear in the group conversation showing who has paid,” Facebook explains.

Sending or receiving money in group chats is currently limited to Messenger for Android and Messenger for desktop users in the United States, for now.

Facebook Messenger is a free download from App Store.

Source: Facebook