Hands on with what’s new in watchOS 3.2

Two days ago, Apple released watchOS 3.2 for all Apple Watch models with two newsworthy improvements: Siri in apps and a new Theater Mode toggle in Control Center. With watchOS 3.2, Apple’s SiriKit framework that debuted alongside iOS 10 is now available to watchOS developers.

With SiriKit, developers can now implement Siri commands in Apple Watch apps for messaging, payments, ride-booking, workouts, calling and searching photos. This should be great for feature parity: it’s confusing being able to message people via Viber on iPhone, but not with Viber for Apple Watch.

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As for Theater Mode, toggling it in Control Center puts your watch into silent mode while keeping the screen dark until you tap it or press the Digital Crown or the Side button.

Theater Mode is great when you’d like to prevent notifications from disturbing others whilst ensuring that you’re still getting haptic feedback for incoming alerts.

Other watchOS 3.2 improvements include Scribble in three new languages, a new audible alert on your wrist after you unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch and a minor visual change in the companion Watch app, which now displays a handy progress bar when songs are being transferred to your wrist-worn device for untethered listening.

Everything new in watchOS 3.2

Here’s Andrew’s hands-on video with what’s new in watchOS 3.2:

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watchOS 3.2 changelog

The official changelog lists the following improvements in watchOS 3.2:

  • Siri now works with apps from the App Store to start workouts, send messages, make payments, book rides and more
  • Theater Mode setting turns on silent mode and keeps the screen dark until you tap it, even when you raise your wrist
  • Scribble is now available in French, Spanish, and Italian
  • Music playlist sync progress is now displayed in the Apple Watch app on iPhone

Aside from the aforementioned enhancements and new features, watchOS 3.2 also includes additional improvements and bug fixes and is recommended for all users.

For the security content of watchOS 3.2, read Apple’s support document.

How are you liking the watchOS 3.2 update thus far?

Do you imagine yourself using Theater Mode when watching movies? Can you think up other scenarios where Theater Mode may be a handy feature?