Google Maps gains real time location and trip sharing features

Google today announced that you can now let your friends and family know where you are and when you’ll get there, right from Google Maps for iOS and Android. The answer to “where are you?” is only a tap away—with this useful new feature, people you share with can track your real-time location on iPhone, iPad, mobile web and desktop. Additionally, you can share your trip progress from navigation with others.

“On both Android and iOS, you’ll be able to share your real-time location with anyone,” said Google. Available from the app’s side menu, the feature allows you to select who to share your location with and how long.

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iOS’s built-in location tracking feature works in Messages, Apple Maps and Find My Friends but Apple’s implementation does not update your shared location in real time.

You can share your real-time location with Google contacts directly.

Sharing with non-Google contacts requires sending a location link via your favorite messenger app. The people you’re sharing with will see your current location on their map. An icon above the compass reminds you that you’re actively sharing your location.

Check out Google’s promotional video highlighting the new feature.

You can stop sharing your location at any time.

You can also share both your real-time location and trip progress from navigation. Here’s how this works, according to Google.

During your next trip, tap the “More” button on the bottom on the navigation screen, and then tap “Share trip.” When you share your trip with people, they’ll see your expected arrival time and can follow your journey as you head toward your destination. Sharing automatically ends when you arrive.

This is an awesome feature I’ve always wanted in Google Maps.

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With it, a driver can assume the role of a leader. In such a scenario, people you’re sharing your trip progress with can follow you on the road without worrying about losing the leader or wondering which turn the leader took.

The animation below shows trip progress sharing in action.

To share your location via Google Maps on the web, visit

Grab Google Maps for iPhone and iPad for free from App Store.

Location sharing on Google Maps is rolling out soon worldwide.

Source: Google