Google Photos picks up auto white balance editing feature in latest update

Google Photos for iPhone and iPad has picked up a brand new editing feature—auto white balance. Requiring Google Photos for iOS version 2.11, the app’s improved Auto Enhance tool now includes white balance correction that adjusts the white tone of your images to make them pop and given them a more natural look. Launch Google Photos on your device, select a look and the app will now correct not only exposure and saturation, but also automatically correct the white balance of the image.

The auto white balance feature should come in handy for those times when you take a photo indoors that results in a yellowish tint or snap a scene outdoors on cloudy days, which often makes things look too cold and unnaturally blue.

Before auto white balance, at left, and with white balance, at right.

Auto white balance in looks is available on Google Photos for iOS, Android and the web.


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In related news, Google’s mobile image-editing app Snapseed was updated yesterday with the ability to save your complex edits and share them as reusable looks with other users in the form of scannable QR codes.

Google Photos is available free on App Store.