Apple has finished filming Planet of the Apps

Apple has reportedly finished filming Planet of the Apps, an unscripted television show about apps and their talented creators, MacRumors has learned from a person familiar with the project. The Cupertino company reportedly built a real set near Hollywood in order to record the show and tore it down at the conclusion of filming.

The whole filming process was apparently “very stressful,” but “exhilarating”. It’s unclear when the reality series will air, but it’s believed that Apple plans on making it available to Apple Music subscribers at no charge.

The source described the set as follows:

The set was absolutely beautiful and set up in a way like no other competition show I’ve seen before. It’s very tech chic, with beautiful decor and decorations. Only Apple could do it this way. It’s very, very well done. Steve Jobs would have been proud of the set.

The project is said to be “very inspirational”.

It will take cues from reality TV shows like Shark Tank and The Voice, the source said. More than 100,000 apps were submitted to the show’s producers, but only about a hundred were selected for filming.

The “very unique” way developers pitch their apps in the show apparently does not involve simply standing on a stage in front of the judges like on American Idol. The series has a “very famous” host that the source wouldn’t name (Dr. Dre?).

The developers who made it to the show’s final round shall receive up to $10 million in VC funding and featured placement on Apple’s App Store at the end of its airing.

The show is co-produced by Apple and Propagate Content’s Ben Silverman and Howard Owens, with a little help from a few celebrity advisers like actress and model Jessica Albaactress Gwyneth Paltrow, Internet personality and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, musician William Adams aka and others.

“Thank you for visiting Planet of the Apps,” reads a notice on the project’s official website. “Check back soon for more information”.

Source: MacRumors