Friendly Run event launches in Super Mario Run, earn Rally Tickets no matter if you win or lose

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After launching a new Friendly Run mode in Super Mario Run six days ago, Nintendo today announced a limited-time Friendly Run event that gives you a little bonus for playing Friendly Run. No matter if you win or lose, playing Friendly Run during the event earns you some free Rally Tickets.

The event is running from December 27, 2016 8:00am to January 11, 2017 07:59am.

“Play every day to collect lots of Rally Tickets,” teased Nintendo.

If you stop Friendly Run in the middle of play, you will not receive any Rally Tickets. You cannot play Friendly Run unless you completed the Kingdom Builder tutorial.

In Friendly Run mode, you play against friends without using Rally Tickets. While coins, toads and the number of enemies defeated don’t increase in this mode, you don’t have to worry about losing toads in your Kingdom if your friend beats you in a Friendly Run.

To play Friendly Run, first add friends by going to your Friends List, then tap Link to link social media accounts, or tap Invite or Add if you already added a few friends. The other person must accept your invitation before you can challenge them to a Friendly Run.

Simply choose your opponent from your list of friends within the game, then tap the Run button to challenge them to a Friendly Run. Those who haven’t cleared World 1 yet will be limited to a single Friendly Run play per day. If you finish World 1, you can play Friendly Run three times per day, or five times per day if you clear World 2.

Super Mario Rum passed 50 million downloads in the run-up to Christmas and Nintendo celebrated the achievement by giving everyone 10 free Toad Rally tickets.

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