New Apple Support app lets you explore personalized support options in a straightforward way

apple support app iPhone 7

After soft-launching a dedicated Apple Support app in the Netherlands last month, Apple is currently rolling out this application to more countries, including the United States, where it is now available for download.

The goal of the Apple Support app is to provide dedicated support in a simple and straightforward interface. Upon launching the app, it will list all your devices currently linked to your Apple account, offering a personal guide based on the products you own. From there, you can find answers to common problems in articles tailored to your Apple products.

apple support app

The Apple Support app also lets you explore other support alternatives, with the options to initiate a call, chat, or email with an Apple customer service representative, or even schedule a repair at an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

apple support app schedule appointment

Having spent a little time toying around the app, I find it easy to use and actually convenient. What I particularly appreciate about the app is that instead of bouncing you around from support article to support article, the app seems to offer relevant answers to common problems. It also makes getting in contact with an Apple rep very simple. In fact, it’s so simple, that I accidentally initiated a call with a service rep.

The Apple Support app is hopefully not something you’ll often need, but we still suggest tucking it in one of your app folders as it is a much more streamlined way to get in touch with Apple than the typical route that requires you to go to and click a dozen times to get where you want to go. The fact that the app knows what devices you own and what problems you may have makes it a time saver in itself.

You can download the Apple Support app in the App Store for free.