Apple airs two new holiday-themed Apple Watch Series 2 ads, “Go Dance” and “Go Out”

Apple Watch Series 2 Christmas ad

Last Friday, Apple’s United Kingdom branch shared a pair of Christmas-themed commercials for Apple Watch Series 2. The videos have since appeared on Apple’s U.S. YouTube channel, in addition to an additional two 15-second ads for Apple Watch Series 2, titled “Go Dance” and “Go Out”.

Give the new Apple Watch commercials a quick watch, then please share your impressions with other readers in the comment section at the bottom of the post.

Apple Watch Series 2 – Go Dance

“Apple Watch keeps up with all the ways you move,” reads the video’s description.

Song: Backwardz by Junglebae

Apple Watch Series 2 – Go Out

“Whether you’re on a run, or just running late, Apple Watch has you covered.”

Song: Informal Sector Parade (Thornato Remix) by Filastine

What do you think of the new ads and which one do you like better?

Source: Apple on YouTube