You can now start Chrome in Voice Search or Incognito mode from Spotlight Search

Chrome for iOS Spotlight Search iPhone screenshot 001

Google added Spotlight Search integration to Chrome for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch back in January 2016, allowing you to search for your Google bookmarks using iOS’s Spotlight feature. Today, the Internet giant issued a small update to Chrome for iOS, bumping version number to 55.0.2883.79 and adding a pair of enhancements.

The first lets you start Chrome in Voice Search mode or open a new Incognito tab right from Spotligh.

As for the other change, Google has now removed the folder named All Bookmarks from your bookmarks view in Chrome “by popular request”.

To try out enhanced Spotlight integration for yourself, drag down on any Home screen or swipe right on the first Home screen to get to Home screen 0. Next, tap the Spotlight field at the top and then type the following into Spotlight:

  • Voice—lets you start Chrome in Voice Search mode
  • Incognito—surfaces the option to launch a new Incognito tab in Chrome

“Please note that the appearance of items in Spotlight Search will only work for devices that support Spotlight Actions,” noted Google.

As mentioned, the folder named All Bookmarks has been removed from the bookmarks view, but don’t worry—you can still access all your other devices’ bookmarks by clicking on the other folders.

Chrome for iOS is available free of charge on the App Store.