Cut down on desktop clutter with Twelve South’s new Fermata headphone charging stand

Twelve South Fermata headphone charging stand 019

Premium accessory maker Twelve South today unveiled a brand new accessory, the Fermata.

It’s aimed at reducing desktop clutter by providing a minimal charging stand for on-ear headphones like the Beats Solo2 and their over-ear counterparts such as the Beats Solo3 wireless.

The $79.99 aluminum-clad accessory is available starting today in Black or Silver from Twelve South’s webstore for customers in the United States and Japan, with an international edition coming soon.

“With most wireless headphones requiring daily charging yet shipping without wall chargers, and newly designed laptops requiring adapters if they have extra ports at all, wouldn’t it be nice to have a stand-alone solution?,” asks Twelve South.

Their new charging stand not only holds your headphones gently on a contoured leather saddle, but also has an incorporated charging cord letting you showcase and charge at the same time. The post itself is set back to ensure your leather headphone pads hang free and don’t rub against any support structure.

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The removal of classic USB ports from the newest MacBook Pro’s means owners of Apple’s latest iPhone 7 handsets must use a USB-to-USB-C dongle to charge and sync the phone through their notebook. In fact, all USB accessories require a dongle to connect to the latest notebook, including the upcoming AirPods from Apple and many other Bluetooth wireless headsets from the likes of Beats, Bose and others.

The Fermata solves the dongle situation—at least when it comes to headphones—with an USB port built into the base to let you charge your headphones and iPhone, iPad or other USB powered devices simultaneously from one outlet.

The built-in USB port provides two Amperes of power at five Volts.


Twelve South Fermata headphone charging stand 020

The base doubles as cable management with a cable spool allowing you to feed out just the amount of cable needed to keep your workspace tidy. An optional accessory lets you wind up a headphone cable to keep it out of the way when not in use.

In fact, the cable built into the Fermata’s post has a reversible micro USB connector for easy connection with many wired headphones. And when you’re not charging your headphones, the micro-USB cable stays tucked inside the Fermata post.

Twelve South Fermata headphone charging stand 016

As mentioned, the Fermata is priced at $79.99 and available in Black or Silver. It comes with an include AC wall charger and a two-meter charging cable.

The accessory is available for purchased starting today in the United States and Japan ahead of its second variant that will include a wall plug for the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and China when it starts shipping later this month.

As for the name, Twelve South told me that their newest accessory takes its name from the musical notation fermata, meaning a hold of unspecified length.

Source: Twelve South