Poll: Did you update to iOS 10?


Apple officially launched iOS 10 to the hands of the public this week with more than 100 new features for iPhone and iPad users.

It looks like an exciting update, but we know some people are still wary of updating this early in the game. So to find out where you stand, we’ve launched another poll you can participate in.

The iOS 10 release took Apple’s download servers by storm. I remember having to restart my download at least six separate times because it kept timing out in iTunes, but eventually I tried an over-the-air update on my iPad and it worked.

Things went smoothly for most of the community that was updating, but for a few, there was a fluke that reportedly caused a number of people updating over-the-air to have to restore their iOS device to factory settings.

Fortunately, that problem was dealt with swiftly and most people weren’t affected. For those that were, having a backup made of their iOS device like we recommended before the update process meant they were able to get back on their feet in just minutes.

Although lots of people upgraded, many people are choosing to keep their jailbreak on iOS 8 or iOS 9 as opposed to having iOS 10 because being able to modify it in any way without Apple’s say-so is their #1 priority. And honestly, we can’t blame them.

So iDB, we’re curious where you stand. Did you update to iOS 10 already, or not? Let us know what you did in the Poll below:

Stay tuned to iDB for the latest news and tutorials on iOS 10. We’re working around the clock to keep you updated with everything we find new in Apple’s new mobile operating system.