Apple compresses its own keynote into a funny 107-second video

Apple Dont Blink video A10 Fusion

Didn’t have the time to sit through Apple’s presentation and don’t plan on watching it on your own time either? In the old days, you’d go to YouTube and search for “Apple keynote in 60 seconds,” “120 seconds”, ”180 seconds” or some such.

Well, there’s no need for that anymore.

You heard me right: believe it or not, Apple itself has now created a condensed version of its own keynote presentation. It’s aptly named “Don’t Blink” and you really gotta see it: it’s amusing, put together really well and just a nice throwback to those super-compressed keynote videos created by fans the world over.

“Missed our big launch news? Here it is 107 seconds. Don’t blink,” reads the video’s description. And here it is right below.

Don’t see the clip? Watch it on YouTube!

What do you think about it? And did you blink?

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