Apple Music for Android tops 10 million downloads in less than a year

Apple Music 1.0 for Android screenshot 002

Apple Music for Android has passed ten million downloads, according to meta data from Google’s Play Store. Apple Music’s Android app was last updated on August 25, bumping version number to 1.1.1 and bringing out various app and performance improvements. The app made its debut on Google’s ubiquitous mobile platform as a public beta in November 2015, six months following Apple Music unveiling at WWDC 2015. In August 2016, it exited beta and is now for the most part on par with its iOS counterpart in terms of features.

In comparison, Spotify’s been downloaded more than a hundred million times from the Play Store thus far—hardly a surprise given it’s been available on Android for years now.

Apple Music 1.0 for Android screenshot 001

The most recent update to Apple Music for Android has enabled features like the ability to download songs for offline listening to an SD card, see the full schedule of Beats 1 shows, use equalizers, browse My Music by Composers and Compilations and more.

The app currently has an average rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars, based on more than a hundred-thousand user-posted reviews. By the way, Android users also get the same 3-month free trial option that Apple users have.

Apple Music for Android is available at no charge via Google’s Play Store.