Apple previews photo-search capabilities coming to iOS 10 via Siri app integration

iOS 10 Siri integration photo search teaser 001

iOS 10 marks the first time Apple has allowed other people’s apps to integrate with Siri. The following app categories are permitted to take advantage of the new SiriKit in iOS 10: ride hailing, messaging, photo search, mobile payments, VoIP and workout apps.

The company already detailed Siri integration in popular messaging and payments apps and now a new blog post shows you how Siri can find photos inside apps like Pinterest, Vogue and more.

“Here’s a sneak peek at new photo-searching capabilities coming this fall as top apps unlock the power of Siri,” writes Apple.

“Hey Siri, show me my best selfies”

Pinterest, an image-focused social app, is one of the apps that will support Siri integration at launch. People who run iOS 10 and have Pinterest installed on their device will be able to summon Siri and ask something along the lines of “Find men’s fashion Pins on Pinterest”. Siri will then launch you into the search results section of the Pinterest app.

iOS 10 Siri integration photo search Pinterest iPHone screenshot 001

Vogue Runway, an app aimed at fashion industry insiders “who know exactly what they want to see when opening the app,” will also support Siri photo search at launch, as will Looklive, a cool app that lets you discover (and buy) men’s fashion.

Instead of browsing thousands of shoppable images within the Looklive app, you ’ll be able to quickly see the latest fashion “looks” by running Siri queries like “Show me pictures of what Drake was wearing at the MTV Music Awards in Looklive”.

iOS 10 Siri integration photo search Looklive iPhone screenshot 001

Yet another example: Pikazo

Pikazo is an app that makes it easy to produce surprisingly great looking artistic photos simply by choosing the subject you want to see and the style in which you want it painted. And thank to Siri, you won’t even need to fiddle with switches in the Pikazo app—simply asking Siri to “show me a photo of my daughter in the Style of Monet on Pikazo”.

iOS 10 Siri integration photo search Pikazo iPhone screenshot 001

Note there’s a lot going on in the Pikazo example.

Siri first must determine who your daughter is based on information from Contacts, then it must find a photo of your daughter, feed it to Pikazo and ask the app to apply the specific style to it.

If you haven’t already, check out Apple-provided examples of Siri’s integration with popular messaging and payment apps, including WhatsApp, Square Cash, Monzo and LinkedIn.

To reiterate, some of the more popular apps that have been confirmed to support Siri integration at launch include WhatsApp, LinkedIn, WeChat, Pinterest, Vogue Runway, Pikazo, Square Cash, Monzo, Slack, Looklive, Lyft, Fandango and The Roll. Siri-focused updates for apps that support Siri integration will be delivered to the App Store when iOS 10 releases for public consumption this fall.

Source: Apple