Photos of alleged iPhone 7 Plus casing leak out of Foxconn factory

iPhone 7 Plus Foxconn leak

Allegedly genuine images that surfaced on Chinese forums this weekend, discovered by Dutch blog, seem to offer a closer look at an iPhone 7 Plus casing inside a Foxconn factory. Someone who appears to work on the factory floor has been photographed holding what resembles a casing for an iPhone 7 Plus in their hand, showing it from various angles. The images corroborate previous leaks and mark the first time photos of an iPhone 7 unibody chassis have leaked out of Foxconn.

The part displayed on the photos is clearly made from aluminum, unlike a bunch of dummies based on the leaked schematic drawings and built from plastics.

You can see a dual-camera system with a curvature to make that protrusion slightly more bearable. The dual cameras are said to capture an image at the same time and then the software stitches them together into one image with better contrast, especially in low-light situations.

A 4.7-inch iPhone 7 model is said to have a regular single-lens camera with possibly bigger pixels to capture more light.

Dual speaker grilles and no 3.5mm headphone jack can be seen at the bottom of the casing. Purported iPhone 7 assembly instructions, published last week, indicated that the there could be a mic behind the left speaker grille, not another speaker.

Other things to glean from the photos: there’s a Mute switch on the side (absent from this iPhone 7 dummy), dots for a Smart Connector are nowhere to be seen on the backside and the speaker grille now has nine holes versus eight on the iPhone 6s Plus and six on the iPhone 6s.

Given the recent leaks, it’s reasonable to assume that iPhone 7 production is in full swing now ahead of the expected September 7 unveiling.

What do you guys make of these pics?

Source: Baidu via (Google Translate)