Viber for iPhone now lets you share, preview, delete and restore your stickers

Viber 6.2 for iOS preview stickers silver iPhone screenshot 001

Just like rival WhatsApp, the popular Rakuten-owned Viber messaging application pushed an update to its App Store app this morning, bumping version number to 6.2 whilst adding a few new features related to handling sticker packages within the app. You can now share sticker packages with others and preview stickers before sending one in a chat. And to preserve storage space on the device, there’s now the option to delete sticker packages you no longer use. Grab Viber for free on the App Store.

Share those stickers

Any sticker packages available in Viber’s Sticker Market can now be shared with contacts instantly. If someone specific comes to mind when you see a new sticker package, tap the Share button and select Forward via Viber to send a sticker package link to a Viber contact, or tap Share to bring up iOS’s multi-purpose Share sheet allowing you to choose from a list of third-party services installed on your device.

Viber 6.2 for iOS share stickers silver iPhone screenshot 001

Preview and restore your stickers

Viber now provides a handy new option to restore your downloaded sticker packs, both free and paid, when installing Viber on a new device: in Sticker Market, tap the gear icon in the top right corner and then hit the Restore my Stickers button. The app will retrieve any previously downloaded sticker packs that are not on your device.

Viber 6.2 for iOS restore stickers silver iPhone screenshot 001

You can also preview a sticker before you send it to someone by long-tapping it.

Wipe stickers to free up space

And if you wish to delete a sticker package you no longer use in order to free up space on the device, you can now do that, too: in Sticker Market, tap the Edit button in the top right corner, swipe over the sticker pack you wish to remove, then tap Delete.

Viber 6.2 for iOS delete stickers silver iPhone screenshot 001

Money sending via Western Union

In addition to the above changes, Viber 6.2 for iOS now lets you send money via Western Union from the United States to contacts in ever more countries than before, supporting more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Viber first introduced this option in early-June.

Grab Viber for iOS at no charge from the App Store.