Developer casting call posted for Apple’s ‘Planet of the Apps’ TV show

planet of apps

Television production company Propagate on Tuesday posted an open casting call for its upcoming ‘Planet of the Apps’ TV show, which it is co-producing with Apple. Developers working on an iOS, macOS, tvOS or watchOS app can apply via the show’s website through August 26.

As explained by SVP Eddy Cue back in March, Planet of the Apps will be a nonscripted series about app design and development exclusive to Apple’s platforms. Also working on the show are musical artist, and noted TV executives Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens.

Executive producers, Ben Silverman, and Howard Owens are teaming up for an unscripted series about the world of apps and the talented people that drive its innovation. They’re looking for developers with the vision to shape the future, solve real problems, and inspire change within our daily lives. “We can really tell their stories as we explore how apps are developed and created and incubated,” says Silverman.

Developers must be 18 years or older, and must be a resident of the U.S., and their apps must be functional by mid-October. Those who make the show will get exposed to hands-on mentorship from experts, funding from top VCs, and marketing such as featured App Store placement.

Source: Planet of the Apps