Apple’s PR website refreshed with a new, mobile-friendly Newsroom

Apple Newsroom web screenshot 005

After finishing watching Apple’s media presentations, my first port of call is the official Apple PR website, which has all the press releases, official press shots, executive biographies and other product and company-related material from the official source. The Apple PR website itself is rather unimpressive, with some spartan design. This morning, a message popped up when I was reading through the iOS 10 press releases, offering a mobile optimized version of the new Apple Newsroom, which looks great.

Here’s a comparison of the iOS 10 press release viewed through the Apple PR website on desktop and in the new Apple Newsroom as a mobile-optimized view.

Apple Newsroom desktop vs mobile web screenshot 001

In addition to using mobile-friendly design, Apple Newsroom articles are based on responsive layout with a fixed one-column design.

If you hover over an image with your mouse, a set of sharing links appear below the image allowing you to share it with Twitter followers, Facebook friends, grab the image URL or download the full-resolution image to the computer.

Apple Newsroom web screenshot 003

A nice touch: if you shrink the Safari window enough so that the social media links no longer fit the original image width, the code replaces them with the familiar Share icon which, when clicked, puts up the sharing links in an image overlay.

Apple Newsroom web screenshot 004

Apple Newsroom, “the latest news for journalists,” is available at

Have you seen the Apple Newsroom website yet and if so, how do you like it?