Creating another admin user on your Mac

Select Admin Account From Sidebar

Apple’s macOS operating system makes it easy to create new user accounts on your Mac, but sometimes you want to have multiple administrators on your Mac so you’re not the only one managing who can do what on the computer.

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to create an additional administrator account on your Mac besides yourself.

Why have additional admin accounts

It can be a tough decision to have multiple administrator accounts on your Mac. Personally, for security reasons, I never give anyone but myself administrator access, but there are certainly some situations where having multiple administrator accounts would come in handy. Just to list a few:

  • When two parents need their own accounts to better manage over their kids’ accounts
  • When there is more than one administrator at a facility or institution, such as a school
  • When some people need higher privileges than other users on your computer

It goes without saying that you should be very careful who you give administrator rights to, because someone with administrator rights to your computer and its storage contents can wreak some serious havoc if they can’t be trusted.

With that in mind, tread in this department very carefully; don’t give an untrustworthy person more power than they need.

How to create a new admin account on your Mac

To start creating a new administrator account on your Mac, follow these steps:

1) Open the System Preferences app up on your Mac, then click on Users & Groups.

Creating a new admin user on Mac users and groups system preferences

2) Once you’re in, you’re going to click on the Lock button at the bottom of the preferences pane to make changes.

Create an admin on a Mac click the lock to make changes

3) When prompted, enter your password and then click on the blue Unlock button.

Create admin account on Mac Unlock after entering password

4) Now you’ll have access to creating user accounts on your Mac. To begin, click on the + button in the sidebar.

Create new admin user on Mac Plus Button

5) From the next interface, click on the combo box at the top of the form and to reveal more options.

Elevate user account creation to admin on MAc

6) From the drop-down list, you’ll change Standard to Administrator to make the new user account one with admin privileges.

create admin account mac

7) Click on the blue Create User button after you’ve filled out the rest of the form with a username and password for the account.

8) And you’re finished – note the Admin badge under the username in the Users & Groups preference pane sidebar.

Admin User Created on Mac

Wrapping up

After having created a new administrator account on your Mac, that new administrator account can now be logged into and be used to control aspects of your computer that a normal Mac user wouldn’t be able to.

In instances where a user account would require an administrator password to perform destructive tasks, such as erasing certain things from the storage drive, this secondary administrator account can do those tasks without your password. It can do them with its own password instead. This is why security is a big thing to consider when you have more than one administrator user on your Mac.

Nevertheless, for the situations where you need more than one administrator on your Mac, Apple has made it relatively easy to get done.

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