Phil Schiller: “We’re never going to get rid of app review process”

Phil Schiller iPhone 6 event

As we told you this morning, Apple announced big changes are coming to the App Store this fall in the form of some well thought out improvements to In-App Subscriptions and all-new paid ads for apps in App Store search results.

Yesterday, SVP Phil Schiller sat down for an interview with The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple to discuss other changes aimed at making app discovery better. The app review process, however, won’t be going away anytime soon.

“We’re never going to get rid of that app review because it matters,” he told Dalrymple.

Schiller, who is Apple’s marketing honcho, added App Stores to his roster of responsibilities six months ago.

App review process is here to stay

As you know, the app review process exists so that Apple is able to ensure that apps submitted to the App Store and Mac App Store adhere to its guidelines, meaning they are reliable, perform as expected and are free of explicit and offensive material.

The company reviews every submission based on a set of technical, content and design criteria. According to Schiller, Apple currently reviews about 100,000 apps each week.

It has also developed new processes to make reviews faster, without negatively affecting quality, he said.

Apple’s own stats prove that the improvements Schiller has instituted thus far are having a positive effect: half of the apps submitted in 24 hours are now being approved, with 90 percent of submissions approved in 48 hours versus three to five days before Schiller took over the App Store.

Source: The Loop