Tip: quickly choose between Archive and Trash email

trash archive email on iPhone

Last week I shared with you how Gmail and Google Apps users can easily stop their iPhone from archiving emails by changing a single feature inside the Mail app’s settings. Today, I want to show you something similar, but different.

We’re going to stay on topic with this quick tip that allows you to choose on a per email basis whether you want to send it to the trash, or archive it.

Trash or Archive? You don’t have to commit anymore

This tip is very handy but it only works if you have the default settings on, specifically, you must have discarded messages set as “Archive” in your Mail settings. If you have discarded messages set as “Trash,” this will not work. And again, like our previous tip about this same topic, this only applies to Google Apps and Gmail users. You will not have this option on iCloud mail, for example.

1) Open an email from the Mail app.

2) Instead of tapping the Archive button, tap and hold your finger on it. You will now be given the option to choose between Trash or Archive.

3) Choose whether you want to send that email to the trash, or if you want to archive it.

This is a very simple tip, but if you archive your emails by default, it’s nice to know you can still send emails to the trash very easily if you choose so.

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