Apple makes your Mom star in ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and Apple is taking notice. In addition to airing a Mother’s Day-themed iPhone 6s ad and sending an email blast to remind customers to pick up an Apple Watch as a Mother’s Day gift recommendation, the company has now launched a dedicated website that lets you make your Mom appear in her own ‘Shot on iPhone’ film.

The interactive web app is aptly named “Moms Shot on iPhone” and is really amazing.

Marge is my Mom

To get started, visit in your desktop browser.

After the web app loads, agree to the Terms and Conditions which basically state that you grant Apple rights to incorporate your Mom’s picture and your name into a video that may be promoted on Facebook, if you choose so.

Click the Upload Image button and select an image of Mom on your computer. You can adjust the uploaded photo using the zoom slider, if necessary.

To use another photo, click Change Photo.

Moms Shot on iPhone image 002

Hit Next to personalize the film by entering your first name and last initial, then hit Done for a preview. Satisfied with the results? Click Post to share the movie on Facebook.

Moms Shot on iPhone image 003

The video plays Mother’s Day ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad, with your Mom’s image appearing at the very end and the tagline “Happy Mother’s Day, Love, [YOUR NAME]”.

Super nice!

Free advertising

Apple’s legendary attention to detail is on display here as well: at the end of the video, there’s a disclaimer which cautions that “Final photo may not be shot on iPhone”.

If Apple manages to get thousands of people share this on social media, they’ll get tons of free advertising. How do you like this new web app from Apple and will you be making a ‘Shot on iPhone’ video starring your Mom to surprise here on Mother’s Day?

Source: iPhone in Canada