Get Instagram’s new flat UI redesign now with this jailbreak tweak

IGExperiments White Instagram After

Earlier this week, we had shared with you what appears to be a redesign for the Instagram app for iPhone that may soon be rolled out to all users.

The new interface utilizes an iOS 9-esque flatter design with white UI elements and black button highlights.

However, if you’re jailbroken, then you don’t have to wait to unlock this new interface for yourself right now. There’s a new jailbreak tweak in Cydia called IGExperiments that will let you do this, and more.

Using IGExperiments to enable the white Instagram app

If you can’t wait to unlock that snazzy new white Instagram interface, and I don’t blame you, then you should download IGExperiments from Cydia right now. The tweak is free and reveals a slew of hidden experimental features that Instagram appears to be testing internally for its app.

After you install the tweak, you can go to your (or anyone else’s) Instagram profile, and you’ll see a flask button at the top left of the Instagram app’s user interface.

Tap on that, and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the list of experimental features. You’ll see three options that have asterisks next to them that have “Whiteout” or “White” in their titles. You can go into each of these and select Enabled for all three of them.

IGExperiments White Instagram Before

Once enabled, close the Instagram app from the App Switcher and restart it, and you’ll be presented with this snazzy new look for the Instagram app:

IGExperiments White Instagram After

Now that’s what I call a much-needed UI update for the Instagram app!

More details about IGExperiments

Unfortunately, IGExperiments doesn’t change the Instagram app icon, but I would surely hope that when Instagram officially updates their app with this possible new redesign, they’ll include a new app icon too.

IGExperiments is good for more than just enabling the whiteout user interface, but it also includes an ultra-long list of experimental features that Instagram appears to be testing. Unfortunately, there are too many to talk about in a single post, so I encourage all jailbroken Instagram users to download this tweak and delve into the settings themselves.

Among some of the notable features that appear to be unlockable via IGExperiments are:

  • 60-second video uploads
  • Profanity filter in comments
  • Unlocking business profile layout
  • Hiding and showing various UI elements
  • And much more…

Keep in mind that these features are all experimental, so they’re not officially supported yet. As a result, they have the potential to be buggy. So far, the whiteout UI seems to work (and look) great, so it’s something we can definitely recommend and say works well.

Wrapping up

IGExperiments is a great way to unlock the feature, which would otherwise be a long wait away from Instagram’s choice to actually update the app in the App Store, right this very instant in time.

You can download the tweak for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now, so if you love Instagram and are jailbroken, give it a try!

What are your thoughts on the whiteout Instagram UI? Share in the comments!