Timeframe: the Apple Watch desk stand that doubles as a case


Fellow Apple Watch users, the Timeframe by Ten One Design is a wonderful way to enjoy Night Stand mode while it charges at night.

Moreover, it’ll still feel as though your device is well-protected from falls or pets that might like to climb up on your night stand at night because it offers a protective bezel that surrounds all of the delicate parts of the device.

In this review, we’ll walk you through our thoughts on the Timeframe.

The hybrid stand for your Apple Watch

Available on Amazon for just $25, the Timeframe utilizes rigid watch bands like the Sport band, the new woven nylon band, or leather bands to help the Apple Watch to stand on its side.

Unfortunately for those with Milanese loop bands, which lack any structural integrity, the Apple Watch will be unable to stand on its side because they collapse so easily.

Nevertheless, the Sport band seems to be one of the most popular bands for the Apple Watch, as it is cost-efficient and effective, and as a result, I think most people reading about the Timeframe today will be able to utilize it.

After you pull the Timeframe out of the box, you simply remove the rear cover and add your magnetic charging cable. The fit is nice and tight, and you can choose to have the wire exit from either the right or left side of the Timeframe. Once satisfied, you can place the rear cover back on:


Notice the hollow impact-absorbent material you’re putting your device in – this design is great for drops, because it absorbs shock impact before it ever gets to your Apple Watch and prevents shattered displays or dings in the metal finish.

Once the charger is installed, you can just slide in your Apple Watch from the top where it’ll find its place magnetically, and it’ll stand by using the wrist strap for leverage against the surface you place it on:


At the bottom of the Timeframe, there’s a blue tab. You pull on this tab to easily eject your Apple Watch from the Timeframe, but you can also simply pull up from the wrist band if you prefer.


Because the Timeframe keeps your Apple Watch sideways on the table, it works great with the device’s built-in Night Stand mode, which shows the battery level, time, and date in green color until the device is removed from the charging device.

It’s worth noting however, that you don’t have to use the Apple Watch in Night Stand mode if you don’t want to. If you want, you can open the clasp of your wrist band and lay the Timeframe flat. This will allow you to use higher-end wrist bands with the Timeframe, but you won’t get the Night Stand feature.

We drop-tested the Timeframe a few times – some by accident, and some on purpose. The Timeframe was durable enough to not only keep the Apple Watch safe, but to continue holding the charging cable in place without it budging.

Compared to other Apple Watch docks, I think the Timeframe is a creative piece of equipment. I do think that some of the metal docking stations out there are a little nicer to have in terms of looks and structure, but if you have pets that like to get nosy in the morning, or crawl on your furniture, an aluminum dock won’t to much to protect your Apple Watch like the Timeframe will.

Here’s a roundup of the pros and cons of the Timeframe:


  • Small and lightweight
  • Protects the Apple Watch from drops
  • Utilizes your wrist band to stand up
  • Utilizes the OEM Apple Charging cable
  • Choice of left or right side cable exit
  • Great for Night Stand mode
  • Available for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches


  • Not as visually appealing as an aluminum stand
  • Plastic hinge material instead of metallic
  • Limited color choices (blue or green)
  • Watches with Milanese loop straps won’t get Night Stand mode


Overall, I will give the Timeframe a 7 out of 10. I love how secure the Apple Watch feels as it’s snug and cozy in the stand, but I do wish that some of the build materials were a little nicer than just plastic in some of the moving parts like the hinge. Despite that, the hardened rubber frame gives the Timeframe excellent drop protection, and will keep your investment safe from drops at night.

If you’re interested in picking one up, both the 38mm and 42mm options are available on Amazon for $25.

What are your thoughts on the Timeframe? Share in the comments below!