How to clear recent calls in FaceTime for Mac

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I use FaceTime on a regular basis to place cellular iPhone phone calls through my Mac and engage in immersive video calls with friends and family.

Each and every missed, placed, received and declined audio and video FaceTime call is captured on the recent calls list so that you can click an entry to quickly dial that person.

For privacy reasons, you might want to remove some of the items from your recent calls. In this tutorial, we’re going to lay out two ways of removing traces of any particular FaceTime call while telling you about a cool trick to clear your recent calls list completely.

Your recent calls appear in the following places:

  • Within the FaceTime app
  • Inside the macOS Notification Center (only missed and declined calls)
  • In the pop-up menu revealed when you Control-click the FaceTime icon in the Dock (missed, received, placed and declined calls)

FaceTime’s recent calls menu in the Dock is shown below.

OS X El Capitan FaceTime delete recents calls on Mac

As you can see for yourself, the Dock menu lets you click a call to open FaceTime in order to call that person back. The latest calls are listed below recent calls in the menu.

Here’s how you can clear the recent calls list in FaceTime.

How to clear the recent calls list in FaceTime for Mac

You can clear the lists of FaceTime video and audio calls you made, received, missed or declined.

Entries on the list can be cleared one by one, or you can remove them all at once. Clearing an item removes it from the recent calls list on that device only.

For instance, deleting a missed call in FaceTime for Mac will not remove the entry from FaceTime’s recent calls list on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

One by one

1) Launch the FaceTime app on your Mac.

2) Click the All or Missed tab.

3) Right-click on an entry on the list and select the Remove from Recents option in the pop-up menu.

Remove From Recents FaceTime Mac

Tip: If you own a Mac notebook or a desktop Mac with Apple’s Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse, just swipe any entry on the list to reveal a hidden Delete button.

Swipe to delete recent FaceTime call

This removes that particular entry only from the list you’re currently viewing.

Clear any item on the recent calls list also removes it from the Notification Center, Reminders and FaceTime’s pop-up menu in the Dock.

All at once

1) Launch the FaceTime app on your Mac.

2) Click the All or Missed tab.

3) Right-click on any name in the call list, and select Remove all Recents in the pop-up menu.

Remove All Recents FaceTime Mac

Alternatively, you can click FaceTime > Remove all Recents from the menu bar.

Note that clearing the call list in one tab will also clear the call list in the other one, so proceed with caution.

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