CCTools: a tweak that offers extensive Control Center customization

cctools customize Control Center to your liking

Anyone with a jailbreak that might be looking for a way to customize Control Center in-depth might find interest in a new free jailbreak tweak in Cydia as of today called CCTools.

This tweak provides you with a myriad of toggle switch options so you can customize Control Center’s appearance, functionality, and more. We’ll take you through all of the tweak’s options in this review.

CCTools: another take on Control Center customization

Is CCTools the first jailbreak tweak to let users customize Control Center? Absolutely not. In fact, it is similar to SimpleCenters in that respect, except that it’s free. On the other hand, it does offer a wide variety of customization options that iOS 9 users may be interested in, and for that reason, we’ll go through it with you today.

CCTools adds a preferences pane to the Settings app that you can open to start flipping switches to your heart’s content. A respring button is provided at the bottom of the preferences pane so you can save your changes after making them.

cctools preferences pane options to configure then respring

Among the options you get here are:

  • Hiding or showing the Control Center toggle buttons
  • Hiding or showing the Control Center shortcuts
  • Hiding or showing the dark/bright separator for sections
  • Hiding or showing the brightness slider section
  • Hiding or showing the media controls section
  • Hiding or showing the AirPlay and AirDrop text
  • Hiding or showing the AirPlay and AirDrop icons
  • Enable or disable round shortcut buttons
  • Enable or disable AirPlay and AirDrop button highlighting
  • Enable or disable AirPlay and AirDrop tap to enable/disable
  • Enable or disable AirPlay and AirDrop background color
  • Enable or disable Control Center’s bouncing animation
  • Enable or disable Control Center’s closing animation
  • Enable or disable the Control Center slide up invoking gesture

My opinion on CCTools

Some of the features are a little bit of a novelty, but the ability to round up those shortcut buttons, customize the Control Center animations, control the separators, and even hide some of the lesser-used sections may make the tweak a worthy download.

Since this isn’t the first tweak of its kind, you should weigh in the other options out there. Every Control Center customization tweak is going to be different and offer its own set of options; it’ll ultimately be up to you to figure out which one fits your needs since not everybody will have the same tastes.


Those of you interested in downloading CCTools can do so from Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now for free. The tweak is compatible with both iOS 8 and iOS 9 devices, although the developer warns that the tweak isn’t supported on the iPad, so it’s an iPhone and iPod touch-only jailbreak tweak at this point in time.

What are your thoughts on CCTools? Share in the comments.