Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Gravitation, Snakebite, & more…

Tweaks of the week

This week, we’ve gone through a bit of a lull in new jailbreak tweak releases in Cydia. Despite the slowness, there are some releases worth taking a look at.

We’ll show you our favorite jailbreak tweak releases this week first, and then outline all of the rest of the jailbreak tweaks launched in Cydia. Our favorites are the ones we thought were either the most fun to use, or made the biggest impact on how we use our devices.

The best of the week

Gravitation – $1.99


A blast from the past, Gravitation is a modern-day replacement for the classic Graviboard jailbreak tweak from 2010 that brought a physics-based gravitational force to your Home screen.

With this tweak installed, you can activate the gravity whenever you want to, and your app icons will all fall in the direction of gravity using your device’s accelerator to do so.

To learn more about Gravitation and even to see a demonstration of how it’s used, you can read our full review.

Snakebite – $0.99

Snakebite 2

Definitely worth the mention this week was the release of Snakebite, a highly-anticipated release that uses 3D Touch on supported devices, or a special touch screen gesture on others to reveal a new App Switcher-like interface for viewing your favorite or recently-used apps.

The beauty of the tweak’s user interface and fluid functionality are what draw me in the most. It’s a tweak that you can actually get excited about and will likely use over and over again.

Other releases this week

ByeBadges: A kill switch for all app icon badges system-wide (free)

ByeUpdatedLabel: Hides the blue update dots from app icon labels of updated apps (free)

ChargingDone: Notifies you when your device is charged up to 100% (free)

ClassicShutterAnimation: Brings the pre-iOS 7 shutter animation back to the Camera app (free – review)

DockArt: Lets you set an image as your Dock background (free)

FastBoot: A newly styled power down menu for iOS (free)

IMN for iOS 9: Another quick reply & quick compose tweak for supported messaging apps ($0.89)

ListLauncher9: An app launcher made for Spotlight in iOS 9 ($2.99)

LockPocket: Auto locks your iPhone when you put it in your pocket & unlocks it when you take it out ($1.00)

ManualVPN: Auto-enables VPN for specific apps when you launch them (free)

NearbyNews: Adds Siri news and suggestions to all Spotlight interfaces in iOS ($0.99 – review)

NoJitterBug: Disables app icon jitter when trying to delete apps (free)

No Lines NC: Lets you hide the separator lines from Notification Center (free)

RoundedDock: Adds rounded corners to the Home screen Dock (free)

WAColor: Allows you to modify the user interface colors of the WhatsApp Messenger app (free)

If this week was too dry for you, you can also look back at last week’s jailbreak tweak releases to catch up on any new releases you may have missed.

What were your favorite jailbreak tweaks launched this week? Share in the comments.