iTunes Radio now requires Apple Music subscription

iTunes Radio no longer free

Keeping true to its promise, ad-supported iTunes Radio, which launched in 2013, is no longer available for free and now requires an Apple Music subscription, leaving Beats 1 as the lone free-to-stream radio service on iTunes.

Starting today, non-subscribers who attempt to access iTunes Radio on iOS or via iTunes for Mac or Windows are greeted with a “Get on Our Wavelength” prompts, asking them to subscribe to Apple Music in order to continue enjoying Apple’s selection of streaming radio stations.

“Join Apple Music and get stations for every situation,” reads the message. “Plus, stream just about every song ever recorded, get handpicked recommendations, explore our experts’ take on the best new music.”

Apple announced that Beats 1 “will now be the premier free broadcast”. By putting iTunes Radio behind a paywall, Apple is hoping to accelerate the adoption of its $9.99 music-streaming service.

Apple Music subscribers can enjoy commercial-free streaming of iTunes Radio stations with unlimited skips, create their own stations based on their favorite songs and artists and more.

Image via AppleInsider