iOS 9 now powers three quarters of active devices

iOS 9 adotion rate 75 percent

Apple’s iOS 9 operating system is currently powering three out of each four iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices in the wild, according to the latest stats as measured by the App Store on January 11, 2016.

That’s a four-point gain over the 71 percent adoption rate for iOS 9 reported a month ago, a notable increase due to no doubt strong sales in theĀ holiday quarter.

iOS 8 has meanwhile gone from 21 percent of active iOS devices a month ago to nineteen percent, a two-point loss. It’s interesting that earlier versions of iOS now account for seven percent of active devices in the wild versus eight percent a month ago.

To me, that suggests that some owners of older devices have decided to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Despite iOS 8 numbers dropping by two percentage points and earlier versions of iOS by one point, that still doesn’t account for the four-point growth in iOS 9 adoption, meaning iOS 9’s growth in the past month came fromĀ both upgrades and new sales.

We will know precisely how Apple’s holiday quarter went when the company reports quarterly earnings later this month.

Source: Apple