Cartoon Network’s Attack the Light game goes free as Apple’s App of the Week

attack 3

Apple on Thursday refreshed its weekly App of the Week promotion with a new game called Attack the Light – Steven Universe Light RPG. You can find the title, which is based on the hit Cartoon Network show, in the App Store for free for the next 7 days.

The game is of the roleplaying adventure variety, in which you must help Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems capture missing monsters. Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter various puzzles and tactical challenges that will help your character level up.

attack 2

From the App Store Editors’ Notes:

Help Steven universe and the Crystal Gems capture missing masters in this roleplaying adventure based on the Cartoon Network hit. Inside gorgeous dungeons you’ll collect cool loot and unleash epic turn-based attacks on crafty enemies. With lively animation a story packed with surprises, puzzles, and tricky tactical challenges, there’s plenty here to keep Steven Universe fans and RPG buffs leveling up for days.

And here’s a clip of the game in action:

Even if you’re not familiar with, or a fan of, the show, the game is worth checking out. It has good-looking graphics, a great soundtrack, and the gameplay must be solid, because it currently has a full 5-star rating in the App Store on more than 5,000 reviews.

If you’re interested, you can find Light – Steven Universe Light RPG in the App Store for free.