Tweaks of the week: Flash, SearchDelete, and more

Tweaks of the week pangu

We haven’t seen that many tweaks released in a single week in recent memory, and that’s a good thing. It means the jailbreak community is still vibrant and involved.

If you’ve been waiting for that groundbreaking tweak, well, I’m sorry to say you’ll have to wait a little longer. However, if you’re looking for smaller tweaks to enhance the iOS experience, we have about 30 of them here that you should check out. 

Ampere: always opens the Messages app in Quick Compose view (free)

AppSwiSizer: probably not worth your time since developer says he won’t update it (free)

Auxo 3: the re-imagined App Switcher, now for iOS 9 ($1.99 – review)

betterFiveColumnHomescreen: proper spacing for a five-column Home screen (free)

betterFiveIconDock: proper spacing for a five-icon dock (free)

betterFourByFourFolders: offers a four by four layout for folders (free)

BetterStatusBar9: aims to resolve a problem with Notification Center grabber in full screen apps or games ($0.99)

ChromeKeyboardEnabler: lets you use third-party keyboards in Chrome (free – review)

Chrysalis: a different take on the App Switcher ($1.99)

DopeLock: adds a page to your Lock screen ($0.99)

Empyreal: adds custom suggested apps to the Lock screen (free)

Flash: adds a shortcut to flashlight on the Lock screen when light sensor senses darkness (free)

FolderJumper: gives you quick access to folders with an Activator gesture ($1.99)

HideCydiaUpdates: hides the Updates button in Cydia (free)

HideSpotlightIcon: hides the Spotlight icon from the Home screen (free)

iCaughtU Pro: sends photo and location of someone entering the wrong passcode on your device ($2.50)

InCameraFPS: a shortcut to FPS settings (free)

Music Agent: adds shuffle and repeat controls to Control Center and Lock screen music controls ($0.99 – review)

Nemerov: new screenshot animations (free)

Orbkiller: disables the 3D Touch gesture to activate the App Switcher (free)

Point-and-Shoot: changes the Camera icon 3D Touch action to access camera without launching app (free)

RunFieldTestAction: adds an Activator gesture to launch FieldTest app (free)

SBCalendarColor: customizes the day of the week text color on Calendar app icon (free – review)

SearchDelete: delete apps right from Spotlight (free)

Trudeau: adds easy way to see song lyrics and skip tracks in Music app (free)

UIRotation9: rotate screen orientation with gestures (free)

WhitelistSwitcher9: only shows apps you care about in the App Switcher ($0.99)

WhoPaysForLenses?: only displays free lenses in Snapchat (free)

WiFiStatusBar: replaces the Wi-Fi icon with a Home icon when connected to your Wi-Fi network (free)

1UP: adds Mario-inspired notification sounds to iOS (free – review)

My picks of the week are Flash, SearchDelete, and WiFiStatusBar. What are yours?