Microsoft rolling out Cortana for iOS to beta testers

Cortana teaser 004

Following its announcement earlier in the month that Cortana for iOS would soon launch for a limited number of beta testers, Microsoft has now made good on that promise and started rolling out the beta software, TechCrunch reported this past weekend.

Cortana for iOS looks just like the Windows 10 Mobile and Android equivalents, and works in a very similar way, with a few exceptions stemming from Apple-imposed restrictions on third-party iOS app development.

“This week, a handful of testers who signed up to trial the new app were notified by way of email that the iOS version of Cortana was available for download,” reads the article.

Cortana for iOS iPhone screenshot 007

The first beta of Cortana for iOS includes voice-activated features that help you manage your schedule, reminders, and alarms, track flights, packages, stocks, scores and more.

The beta build is being distributed through Apple’s TestFlight service.

As mentioned, some Cortana features require deep access to the system that aren’t currently possible with iOS. For instance, things like toggling settings or opening apps aren’t initially available in the Cortana companion app for iOS.

Cortana for iOS iPhone screenshot 006

Another feature that isnt’ possible in Cortana for iOS: the always-listening ‘Hey Cortana’ mode similar to untethered ‘Hey Siri’ functionality on the iPhone 6s.

Source: TechCrunch