Apple posts new ads highlighting apps for Apple TV

Apple TV Adverts

Tim Cook has said in numerous interviews that apps are the future of TV. Apple’s marketing department seems to be taking that statement to heart, releasing five new Apple TV ad spots on their YouTube channel today. In these ads, Apple is showcasing both content and games, from a variety of creators.

All of the ads feature a slick introduction from the moment the app starts to when the actual apps are shown. No users of the Apple TV are shown, but instead Apple is focusing only on the content of the apps themselves.

The first ad features the new Star Wars update to Disney Infinity. For those not in the know, Disney Infinity is basically a way to buy numerous physical products from the company with characters from Disney’s own, to Marvel and now Star Wars. This advert in particular even features the classic Star Wars tune, which is a nice touch.

The second ad showcases HBO Now for the Apple TV. Introduced back in March at Apple’s “Spring Forward” event, HBO Now is essentially a way for people to watch HBO without going through their cable provider. This advert features a scene from the hit TV show Game Of Thrones, with a nice touch at the beginning of a dragon flying behind the numerous colors.

The third ad features Asphalt 8, the hit racing game. It was one of the first games to be updated for the Apple TV and even supports the gamepad controllers for those that don’t want to use the included Remote. The effect of the car crashing through the colors and then them spilling all over the road is, yet again, a really nice touch.

The next advert features Netflix, the movie and TV show streaming service. The content featured this time is Netflix’s TV show, Orange Is The New Black. Apple’s colors are used yet again, splitting down into bars of a jail cell and then completely disappearing.

The final ad features Crossy Road. This game had the special push of being featured at Apple’s event back in September where they originally unveiled the new Apple TV. This time, the colors get turned into the roads the chicken tries to cross as it tries to win.

With this push of ads, Apple is clearly trying to emphasize to viewers that the new Apple TV having apps is a reason to buy it. What do you think of these ads?