Dropbox adds Recents view to web interface, bringing frequently accessed files in one place

Dropbox Recents web screenshot 001

Managing multiple projects in your Dropbox can be a pain when you need to quickly find that presentation you’ve been working on recently. While Dropbox’s iPhone and iPad app has had a dedicated Recents tab since May of this year, it wasn’t available through the web UI at dropbox.com.

Starting today, a Recents webpage is now available on dropbox.com so you can find what you need faster. Sadly, the Recents feature isn’t cross-platform as of yet because Dropbox for Android lacks it, but the company assures us it’s coming to that platform, too, “over the next few months”.

“If you don’t have time to regularly sort all your files into their proper Dropbox folders, it’s okay — the files you’re most likely to need will be easy to find in Recents,” writes the red hot cloud-storage startup.

Your Recents, on the web

Any file you frequently accessed on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad will instantly show up in Recents on the web, including photo uploads (so you can enjoy them in full screen on your desktop).

With Recents, you can pick up on your desktop right where you left off on a different device like a pro.

“For example, if you need to leave the office but aren’t quite finished with that presentation, save it to Dropbox from your work computer,” the company explains. “It will be at the top of your Recents page on your tablet, so you can quickly open it and continue working on the train ride home.”

At any rate, Recents make it a no-brainer to embrace an unorganized Dropbox account where you don’t need to painstakingly file documents into folders because the files you’re most likely to need will be easy to find in Recents.

And with Dropbox’s mobile app supporting iOS 9’s much enhanced Spotlight search, you can even search your Recents on Dropbox right from the Home screen.

My only quibble with Recent thus far is that there’s no way to exclude files in the Apps directory so they don’t clutter my view.

To access your Recents in Dropbox’s web view, visit dropbox.com/recents.

Source: Dropbox