How to pair Bluetooth headphones with the Apple TV

Bluetooth headphones Apple TV

One of the great things about the new Apple TV is that you can pair Bluetooth headphones for wireless audio. This is especially nice for those times when you wish to watch a game or play a movie, but don’t want to disturb others in your household.

With the new Apple TV, Apple has made it easy to quickly connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones, such as its own PowerBeats 2 earbuds…

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: Click Remotes and Devices

Step 3: Click Bluetooth

Step 4: Turn on your Bluetooth headphones and place them into pairing mode

Step 5: When the name of the Bluetooth headphones appear under Other Devices, click on the name and the headphones should pair with the Apple TV

Apple TV Bluetooth pull down

Once your headphones are paired, you can use the on-device controls to operate volume, and you can also play/pause content if you headphones feature the necessary input options. My PowerBeats 2 wireless earbuds work great with the Apple TV, and are capable of pausing/playing, and adjusting volume. Unfortunately, I’m not able to invoke Siri via the headphones like I can when I’m paired to the iPhone.

It can’t be overestimated how nice it is to be able to use Bluetooth headphones with the Apple TV. It’s perfect for watching TV, and even better for gaming. In fact, it’s worth investing in a pair if you don’t own any already. Have you used wireless Bluetooth headphones with your Apple TV?