How to auto-close browser tabs when tapping the back-to-app button [jailbreak]

BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup 2

BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup is an awkwardly named, but very useful jailbreak tweak that helps you keep your open Safari tabs to a minimum when using back-to-app breadcrumb links.

Normally, when you tap the back-to-app breadcrumb link in the status bar, you’re shipped back to the original app, but the Safari tab stays opened. With BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup installed, Safari tabs are automatically closed when venturing back to the original app. Watch our video walkthrough for an explanation.

BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup features no options or settings to configure and is operational immediately upon installation. Along with Safari, the tweak also works to keep Chrome tabs cleaned up when using the back-to-app shortcut.

It’s one of those unheralded tweaks that’s bound to fly under the radar, because it lack flash and pizazz, but BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup is a seriously useful tweak that can help you keep your web browser looking nice and tidy.

If you decide to use this tweak, be sure to check out BreadcrumbsAway as well. What do you think?