How to adjust Siri Remote’s Touch surface sensitivity

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The new Apple TV ships with Apple’s dramatically enhanced Siri Remote with a dedicated trackpad-like area, officially referred to as the Touch surface. In addition to making a clicking sound when pressed to highlight an item, you can swipe left, right, up or down on the Touch surface to navigate the interface, and much more.

Should you find that default touch sensitivity isn’t working for you, worry not for tvOS lets you customize the sensitivity of the Siri Remote to match your particular control style.

In this tutorial, we’ll detail personalizing the Siri Remote to your liking by adjusting the sensitivity of its Touch surface.

How to adjust Touch surface sensitivity on Siri Remote

Step 1: Go to Settings → Remotes and Devices → Touch Surface Tracking.

Step 2: You can now choose between three modes of tracking: Fast, Medium, and Slow. Setting tracking to Fast will require smaller thumb movements to move farther on the Apple TV screen. If you choose Slow, you’ll make larger movements to move a smaller distance. And of course, Medium is right in between.

The remote’s Touch surface is used in many places throughout tvOS.

In addition to navigating the interface by swiping, you can also press and hold the Touch surface to enter an alternate character with the on-screen keyboard, swipe across the characters to highlight one, press the Touch area to select an item and more.

And when you’re in the task switcher (invoked by double-pressing the Home button on the remote), you can force-quit the selected up by swiping up.

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