This rugged iPhone 6s case is more useful than it looks

Bottle Opener Cigarette Lighter iPhone 6s Case

There are dozens of rugged cases on the market with a vast array of features and options. However, we recently came across one that has a few unique additions that will make you the life of the party.

ZVE makes a rugged case for the iPhone 6s that has a bottle opener and cigarette lighter built into the backside. Yes, a cigarette lighter! What we wonder is, how do you get the lighter fluid inside without dribbling it all over the iPhone?

Actually, there is no lighter fluid. There is a heating coil inside a covered panel. When you slide the panel open, it triggers the heating process, similar to the way a car’s cigarette lighter works.

The lighter works off of a rechargeable battery. When the voltage gets too low, you can charge the battery back up using the included microUSB cable.

The bottle opener on the backside is somewhat self-explanatory. The metal ring is designed with notches and grooves to help you pop the cap of your favorite brew (or high-class soda pop).

As if the lighter and bottle opener weren’t enough, this case also has a standard tripod mount port. So, you can shoot breathtaking time-lapse photos of the sunset while drinking a beer… and smoking a cigarette.

The case looks like it is pretty durable. It has a TPU bumper with extra support on the corners. The lip is raised 0.8mm above the iPhone 6s edge, so your screen won’t touch flat surfaces.

There are a handful of customer reviews on Amazon that note the safety button on the backside that keeps the lighter from accidentally sliding open (and burning your butt if your iPhone is in your back pocket) breaks easily. So, keep that in mind when considering purchasing.

For less than $20, the novelty of the case makes it worth checking out. Imagine being at a backyard barbeque when you open your buddy’s beer bottle and light your lady’s cigarette in one classy swoop.

ZVE’s multipurpose case comes in black, blue, green, mint green, and red. It is available on Amazon for between $14 and $19, depending on your color option. There is a version for the iPhone 6s Plus.