Easily post to Twitter and Facebook from your Apple Watch with Social Action

Post twitter facebook apple watch

Social Action is a new app that allows you to easily and quickly update your Facebook status or post to Twitter directly from your Apple Watch.

After authorizing the iPhone app to access your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can start sending updates to either social network in a breeze. Of course, the key feature of this app is that it offers an Apple Watch app which behaves just like the iPhone app.

Simply open the app, select what social network you want to update, and tap the microphone icon to start dictating your update. At that point you can either publish, or Force Touch to add more text, which I find to be a convenient option since I’m not always sure I know exactly what I want to say. Being able to construct one sentence at a time without the pressure of the dictation timing out on you is very handy.

Social Action

As far as design goes, the app is simple and could benefit from a more thought-through layout. It seems to me there is plenty of space left empty, precious space that could be used to make buttons bigger for example.

Social Action is hardly the first app to offer these features. DoublePost also comes to mind, but to my knowledge, Social Action is the cheaper option.

Speaking of which, Social Action is $0.99 in the App Store. If you find yourself wanting to have a quick way to update Twitter and/or Facebook, this is definitely an option worth looking into.

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Promo codes

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