The Spigen Nightstand S350 is my favorite Apple Watch charging dock

Spigen Nightstand S350

The Spigen Nightstand S350 is a new charging dock for Apple Watch that minimalists like me will surely appreciate. Its very small footprint and simple design make it the perfect nightstand accessory to charge your Apple Watch at night, while preventing to clutter the precious space of your bedside table.

Made entirely of scratch-free TPU, the S350 has a cut out that houses your Apple Watch inductive charger. Once set up, simply place your Apple Watch sideways on it and the bottom lip will securely hold it in place, with a little help of the magnetic charger and the sticky Nanotac pad that prevents the whole dock from moving.

By design, this accessory allows you to place your Apple Watch with the band opened or closed, so whatever band you use, laying Apple Watch on the Spigen Nightstand S350 shouldn’t be a problem. It is also compatible with both 38 and 42mm models, and will fit any Apple Watch using one of Spigen cases.

The fact that Apple Watch lays sideways on this dock is a great feature, considering the upcoming watchOS 2 puts Apple Watch in Nightstand mode whenever it is on its side and charging.

spigen s350 nightstand

My favorite thing about this charging dock is that it is extremely simple, and small. I have tried several stands but they all have too much of a footprint for a relatively confined space such as a nightstand. The Spigen Nightstand S350 offers just the right balance of function and design without compromising that limited real estate on your bedside table, something that is of extreme importance to me.

Everything isn’t perfect though. My main gripe with the Spigen Nightstand S350 for Apple Watch is the way the cable goes to the side of the stand, which just looks off to me. If I had my ways, I would have made it so the cable goes directly to the center of the back of the stand. It’s by design though, and to be honest, I’m not sure such a small accessory could make it work any other way, but it’s still something I’ll have to live with. I’m also not a fan of the material used for this accessory. I believe aluminum would have been a better fit, but the final price tag wouldn’t be the same either.

Spigen s350 apple watch stand

Regardless of that small issue I personally have with the cable, this is still my favorite Apple Watch charging dock. Until someone comes up with a better option, the Spigen Apple Watch Nightstand S350 will remain my accessory of choice for charging my watch at night.

Currently on sale for $11 on Amazon, it is priced as a no-brainer kind of deal. If like me you like simple design, then give it a try, and let me know what you think about it.

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