Easy-Tech 2-in-1 car mount gives you choices when securing your iPhone 6

Easy Tech 2 in 1 car mount iphone 6

When we talk about car mounts on iDB, inevitably, someone will comment on the inefficiency of one type over another. Some prefer dash mounts. Others prefer air vent mounts. Now, you don’t have to choose.

Easy-Tech’s 2-in-1 car mount can be attached to your windshield or your air vent. So you have the option of either display. The only thing missing is a cup holder mount, and then everyone would be happy.

The mount is made to secure the largest smartphones on the market and was recently updated with a stronger suction cup, a reinforced air vent mount, and a higher grade of plastic and metal components to support thick, heavy cases without breaking.

The adjustable clamps are covered with a soft rubberized lining so it won’t scratch your device. The arms can stretch to 4.3-inches wide, so you can mount the largest smart phones on the market with room for a case. Once you’ve adjusted for your device, it will remain in place so you don’t have to readjust the next time you use it.

The base features a 360 swivel ball so you can angle your iPhone 6 in practically any position for optimum viewing. The locking knob secures the base on your windshield or air vent so it doesn’t come loose.

Since there is a windshield suction cup and air vent attachment, you can choose which way you want to mount your iPhone 6. In the cold weather, stick it on your windshield so that you can pipe hot air through your vents without your device getting in the way. In the summer, mount it to your vent so it doesn’t heat up under the hot sunlight.

The Easy-Tech 2-in-1 car mount costs $18 on Amazon and is highly rated at 4.5 stars across more than 1,800 reviews. Since the arms are adjustable to 4.3 inches, it is universally compatible with all iPhone models.