Apple posts three new Apple Music ads to YouTube

Discovery Apple Music

One week after posting the latest “If it’s not an iPhone” advertisement to YouTube, Apple is back with three brand new ads that all center around its recently launched Apple Music service.

In the first ad, aptly named Discovery, several Apple Music features are touted—the fact that you have nearly every song and album available at your finger tips, the listener and artist discovery aspects, radio, and more.

In that spot and the others, several known artists and up and coming artists are highlighted, which makes Apple’s tagline—All the artists you love and are about to love—even more relevant.

Here’s a look at the three ads. The first ad, Discovery, is all about Apple Music and its features, while the second two ads are shorter 30-second spots highlighting a single artist and their Apple Music Connect page.


Discover Kygo

Discover James Bay

What do you think about Apple’s latest ads? Do you think it does the new Apple Music service justice?