The iOS 8.4 jailbreak is dead. What now?

iOS 8.4 jailbreak roundup

Now that we know for sure that iOS 8.4.1 kills the exploits used in the most recent jailbreaks, it’s time to sit back and reevaluate our current jailbreak situation.

What should you do? In this post, I’ll evaluate some of the options and steps that you can take to ensure a long and happy jailbreak future.

Step 1: Don’t upgrade to iOS 8.4.1. This is obvious, but if you’re new to the jailbreak scene, or you simply just forgot, you definitely need to know to stay away from iOS 8.4.1. If you upgrade, and Apple stops signing iOS 8.4, then you’re forever stuck on iOS 8.4.1 unless some sort of downgrade appears. To check the iOS 8.4 signing status, click here.

Step 2: If you upgraded to iOS 8.4.1, downgrade—now. You can still downgrade as long as Apple is signing iOS 8.4. Apple won’t sign iOS 8.4 forever, so you should act now to downgrade if you for some reason upgraded to iOS 8.4.1 or if you’re on iOS 9 and want to jailbreak.

Step 3: Save your SHSH blobs for iOS 8.4. If a post-signing downgrade method ever does surface, you’ll most likely need your SHSH blobs. Apple is still signing iOS 8.4 as of this post, so it’s easy to get your blobs using TinyUmbrella.

Step 4: Download Cydia Impactor. Cydia Impactor lets you restore your device to the current firmware without upgrading. That means you can perpetually stay on iOS 8.4, and always jailbreak.

Yes, it’s always a little sad when Apple patches exploits used for jailbreaks, but it’s also good for security, and it’s something that Apple is obligated to do. That being said, this doesn’t have to be the end of the line for your current jailbreak. You can still maintain your current iOS 8.4 jailbreak and enjoy it for a long time to come if you take the proper steps.

What additional tips do you have with regard to maintaining your jailbreak? Sound off in the comments below.