Tweaks of the week: Lock+, Epicentre, Picture Passcode, and others

Cydia Redesign


Another week brings another batch of solid Cydia releases. The headlining tweak from the past week is without a doubt Lock+, the WYSIWYG theme creator with a web-based interface. If you’ve been hesitant on messing with themes in the past, then you should give Lock+ a serious look; it makes theme creation simple and easy.

Other interesting tweaks from the past week are Epicentre, which adds a redesigned passcode interface with slick animations. There’s also Picture Passcode, which lets you create custom security based on photos.

Check out our full list of the past week’s jailbreak tweaks in this post. Of the nearly two-dozen tweak releases mentioned, you’re bound to find one or two tweaks that will catch your interest.

  • Epicentre – a unique passcode experience – ($1.00) (review)
  • SafeTexting Lite – better manage read receipts for iMessage – (free)
  • KeySwipe – swipe to switch keyboards – ($0.99) (review)
  • Lock + – a WYSIWYG lock screen theme platform – ($2.99) (review)
  • Stalky – adds a list of recent statuses for all friends on one page – ($1.99)
  • FrontCamUnMirror – un-mirror the front facing camera – (free)
  • Kenda – enhanced options – (free)
  • Picture Passcode – use a picture as your passcode – ($1.99)
  • Hide Badge Text – hide text in badges – (free)
  • No Music Interruptions for incoming calls – stop now playing music interruptions for calls – (free)
  • No Music Downloaded Indicator – remove the Music app downloaded indicator – (free)
  • CCSpeedUp – speed up Control Center – (free)
  • Convos – a Messages app enhancer – ($1.29)
  • Velox Lite – a free version of Velox 2 – (free)
  • DefaultPlayer Pro – change the default music player – ($0.99)
  • SeeBlockedTweets – see tweets from users who have blocked you – (free)
  • Anibanner – animated notification banners – ($0.99)
  • Vibrate On Failed Attempt – vibration for bad fingerprint input – (free)
  • TextSearch – search for text using ActionMenu and Flipswitch – (free)
  • Floater – scale down SpringBoard elements to simulate floating – (free)
  • RomanPasscode – Roman numerals for passcode entry – (free)
  • InstaMute – mute Instagram followers – (free)

It was another good week for Cydia releases. What’s your top tweak of the week?