Apple Watch goes on sale in New Zealand, Russia and Turkey

Apple Watch Russia image 001

Earlier this morning at 7:01am local time, Apple’s wrist-worn device went on sale in three new markets: New Zealand, Russia and Turkey. The Apple Watch is available through the Apple Online Store in New Zealand, Russia and Turkey, in addition to select non-Apple locations.

In Turkey, for example, the device is also available via company-woned brick-and-mortar stores at the Zorlu Center and Akasya Shopping Center in Istanbul. In Russia, the Apple Watch is available for walk-in customers at iPort, Re:Store and C-store outlets. And in New Zealand, the Apple Watch can be purchased in select Apple Stores.

Apple Watch prices in New Zealand, Turkey and Russia are as follows:

New Zealand

  • Apple Watch Sport: NZ$599 to NZ$699 (USD$396 to USD$462)
  • Apple Watch: NZ$949 to NZ$1,949 (USD$627-USD$1,287)
  • Apple Watch Edition: NZ$17,500 to NZ$30,000 (USD$11,555 to USD$19,817)


  • Apple Watch Sport: 23,990RUB to 27,990RUB (USD$422 to USD$493)
  • Apple Watch: 37,990RUB to 78,990RUB (USD$668 to USD$1,390)
  • Apple Watch Edition: 660,000RUB to 1,120,000RUB (USD$11,613 to USD$19,707)


  • Apple Watch Sport: 1,249TRY to 1,399TRY (USD$464 to USD$520)
  • Apple Watch: 1,999TRY to 3,899TRY (USD$742 to USD$1,447)
  • Apple Watch Edition: 34,000TRY to 56,000TRY (USD$12,628 to USD$20,787)

The New Zealand Herald reports that the device debuted quietly in the country as the hype for the gizmo is noticeably more subdued than previous products.

Here’s a customer checking out the watch at a New Zealand Apple Store.

According to Kirk Burgess, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, both queued up for the New Zealand launch this morning.

The Apple Watch is currently available in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Best Buy will start carrying the device across online and retail stores in the United States on August 7. Best Buy Canada confirmed earlier this morning that the Apple Watch will hit more than fifty retail locations in the country on August 14.

Photo: a customer trying on an Apple Watch in Russia, via @Bon_Sens.