Endless snowboarding odyssey Alto’s Adventure receives its first major content update

Altos Adventure 1.1 for iOS teaser 001

Alto’s Adventure, an endless snowboarding odyssey for iOS unlike any other, has received its first major content update after making its App Store debut in February of this year.

Available free to existing users, the ‘Workshop’ update includes support for Apple’s 64-bit processors, iOS’s low-level graphics frameworks called Metal, along with a bunch of other new things.

Alto’s Adventure 1.1 also packs in six new languages and a bunch of fun new items available via the in-game workshop, such as helmets, llama horn, wingsuit timer and more.

Here are some of the new items in Alto’s Adventure 1.1.

Alto's Adventure 1.1 for iOS items iPhone screenshot 001

Wingsuit timer lets you fly even greater distances by increasing the duration of the wingsuit timer. Like other new items, the new wingsuit timer is available in the workshop, provided you have collected enough coins to buy it.

Alto's Adventure 1.1 for iOS shops 002 iPhone screenshot 001

The new helmet protects you from a single crash per turn, but won’t rescue you from chasms. For that, you’ll need the Chasm Rescue update, described as “a magical pickaxe that saves you from a single chasms per turn.”

Alto's Adventure 1.1 for iOS shop 001 iPhone screenshot 001

And this is how it works.

Alto's Adventure 1.1 for iOS chasm rescue iPhone screenshot 001

Seen further below: the new helmet in action.

Alto's Adventure 1.1 for iOS helmet iPhone screenshot 001

Alto's Adventure 1.1 for iOS helmet crash iPhone screenshot 001

Alto's Adventure 1.1 for iOS helmet counter iPhone screenshot 001

Check out the stampede.

Alto's Adventure 1.1 for iOS stampede iPhone screenshot 001

The update includes too many improvements, bug fixes and enhancements to describe individually so check out the official changelog below for the full list of changes.

Alto’s Adventure 1.1 changelog:

  • Helmets—Carved from wood, these helmets will protect you from a single crash per run. They wont help with chasms though!
  • Pickaxe—A magical pickaxe that saves you from a single chasm crash per run.
  • Llama horn—A blast from this mighty horn will cause a llama stampede! Once purchased, this item will appear at random on the mountainside.
  • Llama horn strength—Increase the strength of the llama horn to cause even bigger stampedes!
  • Wingsuit timer—Increase the duration of the wingsuit timer to fly even greater distances!
  • Coin magnet and hover feather—Upgrade the magnet and feather timers even further than before!
  • 6 new languages:
    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • Norwegian
    • Portuguese
    • Swedish
  • Other improvements
    • Added 64-bit and Metal rendering support
    • Added spring loaded “quick select” menu to player button (tap and hold to open)
    • Options to change player and access the workshop from end-of-run screen
    • Replaced Chinese Traditional and Japanese fonts with language-specific variants
    • Improved vertical camera tracking when approaching chasm
    • Fixed bug with goals 32-3 and 46-3
    • Fixed bug that would cause Izel’s wingsuit rocket sound to get stuck on
    • Recovering after a fall gives you a speed boost
    • Replaying tutorial can be canceled by returning to home screen
    • Various other UI additions and improvements

Built by Snowman, Alto’s Adventure is one of the best games in the App Store.

It’s stylized graphics, unique artwork style, smooth execution, addictive concept and evolving challenges have kept me glued to my iPhone countless nights.

A premium game with no ads or In-App Purchases, Alto’s Adventure features a one-tap control system for easy pulling of various tricks. It only takes a few minutes to master so you’ll be drifting through peaks and valleys, grinding rooftops and leaping over chasms like a pro in no time.

Altos Adventure for iOS 1.0 iPhone screenshot 002

Simulated night and day and weather conditions, backdrops like Chasm, Dawn, Forrest, Night, Snow and Storm, more than 200 goals to compete, each carefully handcrafted and raising the ladder in terms of the skills required, somber soundtrack and sound effects designed for an immersive experience and other perks make this game a must-have, in my personal opinion.

Altos Adventure for iOS 1.0 iPhone screenshot 006

Check out my review of Alto’s Adventure.

The 77-megabyte app requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 7.0 or later and is optimized for the iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen resolutions.

Alto’s Adventure is $1.99 in the App Store.