Vine updated with new search feature for finding and discovering videos

vine ss

Twitter updated its 6-second video sharing app Vine today, bringing the iOS client to version 3.4. The change log only includes a single item, but it’s a significant one for users who have ever had trouble tracking down a clip: proper search.

Since its inception, or close to it, users have been able to search Vine for users and hashtags, but this returned extremely limited results, and made it nearly impossible to discover or track down older, popular videos. But that changes today.

With Vine 3.4 on iOS, you can now enter searches like “Do it for the Vine,” and Vine will show you a series of clips sorted by either the most popular or most recent that match the query. I think most users are going to want to sort by popularity.

The new search feature can be found in the app’s Explore tab. If it doesn’t show up for you right away, close the app, or try deleting it altogether and reinstalling (I had to do). Vine says that the feature is “rolling out over the coming weeks.”

Honestly, as a long-time Vine user I’ve been waiting for proper search for a long time. The team has been busy with other things recently, though, upgrading video resolution to 720p and enabling support for offline playback of your favorite clips.

If you’re interested, you can find Vine in the App Store for free.