Pebble Time smartwatch begins shipping, but iOS app remains in limbo

Pebble Time Steel image 001

Pebble’s new ‘Time’ smartwatch has begun shipping to early Kickstarter backers, but the iOS companion app that allows users to connect the device to an iPhone is no where to be found. It appears the app is stuck in limbo in Apple’s review process.

In an update posted to their Kickstarter page today, Pebble said that its Pebble Time app has been showing a status of ‘In Review’ since May 22nd and it’s given no indication on what is taking so long. The typical review process lasts around 7-10 days.

Oddly enough, Pebble first submitted the Time app to Apple in early May, and it was approved—the app in limbo is an update with a major bug fix. Also, it tried adding Time support to its existing iPhone app, but that has been stuck in review since April.

You can imagine how this looks, given that Apple just launched a smartwatch. The company has been known to reject apps and products that compete with its own. That said, Pebble hasn’t disclosed any of its discussions, so it’s unclear what the holdup is.

The company is pointing the finger at Apple though, and it’s asked its customers to contact the iPhone-maker on its behalf to help motivate them. “Together, we can kindly express our desire to see the AppStore #FreeOurPebbleTime with a speedy approval”

Pebble is credited with igniting the most recent smartwatch craze, with its 2012 Kickstarter raising more than $10 million. The ‘Pebble Time’ is its latest foray into the wearable space, and it too proved to be a crowdfunding hit, pulling in more than $20 million.

Source: Kickstarter